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Gone are those times when dentistry simply meant treating tooth decay, gum infection and pulling out teeth. The progress in dental technology has extended the horizons of dentistry. Today there are dental procedures which are dedicated to creating a good-looking smile. With all these advancements, dental professionals are more and more concerned about esthetic aspect of teeth and gums when performing a dental procedure. Though it is not a recognized field of dental medicine, cosmetic dentistry has certainly added more reasons for people to visit a dental office. Cosmetic dentistry has also helped us offer better quality dental care to our patients from Keller and surrounding communities.

Smile Makeover – What does it involve?

At Blue Stone Dental, our aim is to do what is best for our patients. Dr. Lauck recommends procedures that enhance the appearance of teeth and gums while not compromising on oral health. Visit our dental office for a smile assessment. Our dentist can tell you how your smile can be enhanced.

The smile makeover process at our office involves an examination phase, treatment phase and post-operative care. During the examination phase, we take pictures, impressions and even X-rays of teeth if found necessary. Our team listens to your needs. After thorough analysis, our dentist comes up with a treatment plan to give a new look to your teeth and gums. We provide you various treatment options and help you make an informed decision.

The smile makeover may involve one or more cosmetic procedures. After each stage, we take pictures to document the difference in the smile. At the end of the smile makeover process, you are informed about how to care for your teeth and gums. Follow up visits may be necessary as recommended by our dentist.

Tooth Colored Fillings

When your tooth is decayed or damaged, it may have to be restored using appropriate materials. Tooth colored fillings are custom-made to match the natural color of teeth. These fillings once in place blend with the color of natural teeth and do not cause any embarrassment to patient when he/she is smiling. They are a better esthetic choice as compared to gold or amalgam fillings.

Tooth Whitening

If you are unhappy with your dull teeth, tooth whitening can help you brighten up your pearly whites. The process involves use of hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide whitening agents to clear stain from the porous enamel layer of teeth. As a result the natural color of teeth gets reflected when you smile. It is quick, safe and effective in improving the smile.

One Visit Crowns

If you want to restore your decayed tooth with a crown in a single visit, we have a restoration for you. CEREC is an advanced technology through which we create a dental crown at our office place in few minutes. This technology helps us restore weak and damaged tooth of patients in a single visit. All we do is prepare the tooth and feed the impressions of the tooth in the equipment. The CEREC equipment mills out a porcelain crown which perfectly fits your tooth. The porcelain crown is then polished and bonded over your tooth. The single visit crown eliminates the need for temporary crown.

Porcelain Veneers

Sometimes minor tooth errors such as chipped tooth, gaps between teeth and minor misalignment can make your smile less interesting. Porcelain veneers are thin shells made of porcelain which can reshape your front teeth to enhance your smile. Dr. Lauck redesigns the shape of the visible front teeth using dental veneers. Crown lengthening, filling gaps between teeth, masking discolored tooth can all be achieved through these thin porcelain shells.


Invisalign® is an advanced orthodontic system of aligners which can be custom-fabricated to improve your bite. A number of orthodontic issues can be cured using Invisalign® aligners. The greatest esthetic advantage of these aligners is that they are virtually invisible. It means you can actively take part in social events without having to let anyone know about your orthodontic treatment.

Porcelain Crowns

If you have a severely damaged tooth but do not like to restore it with gold or any other type of crown which does not look natural, porcelain may be the best option for you. Porcelain reflects more light and looks very natural. It can be custom-made to match the color of your teeth. It is widely recommended for restoring the visible front teeth.

Gum Contouring

Gums are soft tissues that surround your teeth covering the supporting bone. A smile may look less pleasing when this layer of soft tissues covers too much of front teeth. The teeth tend to look short in a condition which is commonly called a gummy smile. Gum contouring is the process of reshaping the gum-line. Some amount of soft gum tissues is removed to make the teeth look lengthy. Dental veneers may be used further during the course to improve the smile.


How truly concerned and thorough hygienist and dentist were offering so much information for maintenance and follow-up options. I always feel so well taken care of. It is wonderful. Their commitment to making sure I was 100% satisfied. Thank you" Happy Patient, California
Everyone was so friendly and helpful. The office was very professional and they really took the time to make me feel comfortable and welcome. My dentist was by far the best dentist I have ever had. I will definitely be coming back here regularly." Happy Patient, California
The dental hygienist and dentist are both very friendly as well as very efficient. I get my teeth cleaned quickly but they do a thorough job and are not rushing to get me out the door and onto the next patient. They take the time to answer any questions as well as work to get me my desired appointment times." Happy Patient, California
I've been going to Dental for years and have always had top-notch care. My hygienist does a great job cleaning my teeth and my dentist is friendly and listens to any concerns I have. My teeth always feel spotless when I leave." Happy Patient, California
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