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Restorative Dentistry treatments in Keller Texas

We humans get two sets of teeth during our lifetime. The baby teeth erupt few months after we are born and last until we cross teenage. The second set of teeth that erupt following the fall of baby teeth are the adult teeth. We should take proper care of the adult teeth since there is no natural replacement to them. With proper maintenance of oral hygiene and periodic dental visits you can safeguard your teeth for life. Come visit our Keller, TX office to know how oral care can help you save your teeth for life.

A tooth that is damaged by decay or accidental injury should be restored at the earliest. When a decayed tooth is not restored in time, the infection spreads to the pulp and to the supporting structure through tooth root. The condition can finally lead to tooth loss. Restorative dentistry is an umbrella term used to refer to a wide-range of teeth restorations procedures that are performed to enhance the oral health of our patients. Be it simple dental filling procedure or be it tooth replacement procedure, we take extra care to see that teeth functions are restored.

Dental fillings

Dental fillings are materials that are used to fill cavities. The decayed part of the tooth if removed and the cavity is prepared in a way where it can hold the filling. Composite resin is the most commonly used dental filling at our office. A special light may be shined over the filling to ensure it hardens quickly.

Dental crowns

Dental crowns are caps that are used to cover a severely damaged natural tooth. The tooth may have a large filling, may be physically weak or may be discolored. The crown covers the damaged tooth and shields it from bite load. The tooth has to be prepared first in order to make space for bonding of the crown.

Dental implants

Dental implants are artificial replacements to lost tooth roots. They are made of titanium and are designed to be integrated with the supporting bone structure. The implants support dental crowns, dentures and partials which replace lost teeth. To know more about how implants work, visit our dental implants page.


Dentures are artificial teeth restoration which is in use since many decades. Dentures aid biting and support facial muscles. They can be bonded over gums through adhesives and suction or can be supported by dental implants. At our dental office we offer only the most advanced form of dental restoration which improves your quality of life. If you have lost your teeth, make an appointment and visit our office. Our restorative solutions can bring back confidence in you.

Implant supported dentures

Implant supported dentures are an advanced form of teeth restoration we offer at Blue Stone Dental. Unlike conventional dentures, these dentures are supported by dental implants. Our dentist strategically places few implants in the supporting bone of patient. These implants take the biting load very well and provide greater stability to the restoration. The denture is fixed to the implant through a support mechanism. Implant supported dentures are known for their functional advantages over traditional dentures.


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Genuine Caring Ethic Was On Display 100% of The Time
Very glad to now be Acquainted with the Professional Dental Care staff we met on Wednesday. This Practice is the real deal. Mike T.
Retired NFL Player
Love Love this office , they do excellent work and make you feel so comfortable. Added bonus if you get a crown they make it in the office that day and you don't have to come back and miss a day off work just to get the crown on , bonus no temporaries to worry about. Angelique Ball
Don't mind coming here at all.......have been a client for many years. Sharon adds a lot of humor during the teeth cleaning procedure, and of course, I can never comment back with instruments in my mouth. This latest visit also allowed me to spend more time there "being crowned" easier procedure than in days gone by........ I was out with the permanent crown, rather than a temporary one, so no return visit at another date. Dr. Corley is personable, good at what he does, and very considerate of your comfort.. The entire staff is pleasant, and waiting time is "on time" as they allow that in their scheduling. Kudos!! Sandy Hixon
Sharon is the best! She always make the visit pleasant and fun. We laugh and actually enjoy my time. She also always knows exactly what has been my history and what needs to be done to keep my teeth healthy. Kathy Menger Corley
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