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Cosmetic Dentists Providing Comprehensive Care

At Blue Stone Dental, your smile is only the beginning. Our dentistry team provides quality dental care adjusted to meet your unique needs and goals. We approach oral healthcare with an understanding that it affects your overall health. When you become a patient at Blue Stone Dental, you can be confident our team will give you and your family the close attention and exceptional care you deserve. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Our practice is directed by our two general, restorative, and cosmetic dentists, Drs. Jay Corley and Rebecca Lauck. Keller Family Dental opened in 1996 and was later renamed Blue Stone Dental. In 2009, our practice was completely rebuilt at our same location, constructed from the ground up to facilitate the newest advancements in dental techniques and technology. We work diligently to provide each patient with comprehensive, personalized, care.

Drs. Corley and Lauck are dedicated advocates of continuing dental education, constantly studying new techniques, procedures, and dental technology. Dr. Lauck, who founded our practice, has more than 2,000 hours of continuing dental education. She has expanded her general dentistry portfolio to include aesthetic treatments, orthodontic treatments, oral surgery, TMJ therapy, and sleep apnea treatment.

In addition to furthering his knowledge in cosmetic and restorative treatments, Dr. Corley has continued his education in dental implants, laser dentistry, orthodontics, sedation dentistry, invisalign, and more. Both dentists enjoy getting to know patients on a personal level and helping them to understand the role dental health plays in their overall health.

Comprehensive Healthcare through Dentistry

Your dental health affects your nutrition, your physical health, your sleep patterns, and more. By maintaining excellent dental hygiene at home and twice-yearly visits with your dentist, you can keep tooth and gum disease at bay and catch early warning signs of more serious diseases like diabetes and cancer.

We also offer treatment for TMJ disorder and sleep apnea. These disorders can cause discomfort, lack of sleep, and pain, in many cases. Our dentists evaluate these problems during your dental health analysis and offer options that can provide the relief you deserve.

Developing a long-term relationship with Blue Stone Dental means our team can reference your history and your unique needs to maintain an ongoing care plan that works for you. We involve each patient in his or her dental healthcare plan, offering options tailored to meet individual needs. We know that a patient's lifestyle, budget, and schedule can affect which treatments work best, and we can adjust treatments accordingly.

At blue stone dental, we provide various treatment options such as cosmetic dentistry treatment, dental implants, restorative dentistry, orthodontics, family dental, sedation dentistry, clearcorrect, invisalign and much more at keller, texas. Consult our dentists and schedule an appointment.

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"The days of the town dentist managing the needs of an entire municipaily are long gone, but that same need to be cared for at human speed - to feel connected to someone as genuinely invested in your health as you are - still resonates today. In the era of managed health care, it's all too common for the art of listening to fall between the ledger lines. But at Blue Stone Dental, Drs. Jay Corley and Rebecca Lauck have made getting to know their patients the cornerstone of their Keller practice..."

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Helping You Receive the Treatment You Need

To facilitate our patients' varied lifestyles, we accept cash, check, and major credit cards for payment. We are also proud to offer Springstone Patient Financing and CareCredit®. Our offices are conveniently located between Keller and Southlake. To accommodate our patients, we offer convenient morning and evening appointments. If you are new to the area, or if you need to establish ongoing care with an experienced area dentist, please contact us today.


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Genuine Caring Ethic Was On Display 100% of The Time
Very glad to now be Acquainted with the Professional Dental Care staff we met on Wednesday. This Practice is the real deal. Mike T.
Retired NFL Player
Love Love this office , they do excellent work and make you feel so comfortable. Added bonus if you get a crown they make it in the office that day and you don't have to come back and miss a day off work just to get the crown on , bonus no temporaries to worry about. Angelique Ball
Don't mind coming here at all.......have been a client for many years. Sharon adds a lot of humor during the teeth cleaning procedure, and of course, I can never comment back with instruments in my mouth. This latest visit also allowed me to spend more time there "being crowned" easier procedure than in days gone by........ I was out with the permanent crown, rather than a temporary one, so no return visit at another date. Dr. Corley is personable, good at what he does, and very considerate of your comfort.. The entire staff is pleasant, and waiting time is "on time" as they allow that in their scheduling. Kudos!! Sandy Hixon
Sharon is the best! She always make the visit pleasant and fun. We laugh and actually enjoy my time. She also always knows exactly what has been my history and what needs to be done to keep my teeth healthy. Kathy Menger Corley
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