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Teeth are efficient and naturally healthy when the bite is correct. Straight and well-aligned teeth bring out an attractive smile. When there is crowding or misalignment of the teeth, the condition affects the oral health and aesthetics of your smile. Orthodontic treatment appliances are specially designed to move the teeth to improve the misalignment of your teeth or bite. One of the most advanced treatment solutions developed in this regard is ClearCorrect. It is a patented product produced by ClearCorrect, a company based out of Texas. Our dentist is one of the professionals who offer treatment using this patented product in Keller, Texas. If you are a resident of our city or surrounding communities and worried about your crooked teeth, come speak to our dental professional. Our orthodontic solutions can improve your smile.

What is malocclusion and why should it be treated?

Malocclusion is any condition which deviates from a normal bite. The teeth in the upper and lower jaw come together when a person bites. When there is insufficient space in either of these jaws the teeth erupt crookedly. This can result in a bad bite. When the teeth are not properly aligned, the chewing efficiency is not the best. There can be tooth wear when there is too much deviation from a normal bite. The risk of gum infection and tooth decay can increase because it may become challenging to maintain oral hygiene. A bad bite is treated to resolve all the serious issues mentioned above and to improve the smile.

ClearCorrect - How it works?

The first and foremost phase of orthodontic treatment is an examination. During the examination, the teeth are checked and the bite is registered using impressions and X-rays. Our dental professional studies the errors in teeth positions and sets a treatment plan accordingly. First, the impressions of your teeth are sent to the lab along with the treatment plan to receive a 3D model of the designed plan. If there are any changes in the plan, the dentist makes a note of it and the lab is informed about the change. The aligners are fabricated in the lab based on the input from our office.

Patients are required to wear the aligners for a specific amount of time every day. The aligners are removable. This provides our patients the freedom to eat their favorite food and maintain oral hygiene. The aligners are transparent which relieves patients from the embarrassment of letting the world know about their orthodontic treatment and refrain from smiling. The aligners should be replaced periodically. ClearCorrect improves the bite stage-by-stage. On completion of the treatment, the retainers may be provided to ensure that the teeth do not revert back to previous positions


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Genuine Caring Ethic Was On Display 100% of The Time
Very glad to now be Acquainted with the Professional Dental Care staff we met on Wednesday. This Practice is the real deal. Mike T.
Retired NFL Player
Love Love this office , they do excellent work and make you feel so comfortable. Added bonus if you get a crown they make it in the office that day and you don't have to come back and miss a day off work just to get the crown on , bonus no temporaries to worry about. Angelique Ball
Don't mind coming here at all.......have been a client for many years. Sharon adds a lot of humor during the teeth cleaning procedure, and of course, I can never comment back with instruments in my mouth. This latest visit also allowed me to spend more time there "being crowned" easier procedure than in days gone by........ I was out with the permanent crown, rather than a temporary one, so no return visit at another date. Dr. Corley is personable, good at what he does, and very considerate of your comfort.. The entire staff is pleasant, and waiting time is "on time" as they allow that in their scheduling. Kudos!! Sandy Hixon
Sharon is the best! She always make the visit pleasant and fun. We laugh and actually enjoy my time. She also always knows exactly what has been my history and what needs to be done to keep my teeth healthy. Kathy Menger Corley
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