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Dental Implants treatments in Keller Texas

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Have you lost a tooth? Are you considering replacing it with a dental restoration? It may be an important decision you make to avoid dental problems and upgrade your oral health. Missing teeth can compromise your ability to chew food. Teeth loss can make your smile less interesting. One dental restoration which addresses all issues that arise from teeth loss is a dental implant. It is an artificial tooth root made of titanium, designed to integrate with your jawbone. Once in place, an implant can last a lifetime provided proper care is taken. Its wonderful characteristics have made dental implants a widely recommended restoration option for teeth loss. You have a query about how dental implants work? Come speak to our implant dentist at Keller, TX office. Our restorative methods can bring back confidence in you.

Tooth restoration to improve the quality of life

Our oral cavity is designed to have 32 teeth. Out of the 32 teeth, excluding wisdom teeth the other 28 are functional. When a tooth is lost, the chewing efficiency reduces to some extent. The lack of a tooth puts more strain and work load on the remaining teeth. The teeth nearby to the gap may shift positions which can lead to bite problems. The supporting bone starts to shrink at the gap because of lack of stimulation which it normally gets through teeth roots. The oral health can worsen as a result of the above mentioned problems. A tooth restoration is necessary to avoid the problems and enhance quality of life.

Dental implants are artificial teeth roots which support crowns, denture or other forms of teeth replacements. The implant forms a functional bond with the supporting bone and prevents bone resorption. With implanted teeth in place, the chewing efficiency increases and the oral health improves. Patients gain confidence to eat both hard and sticky food.

Dental implant restoration at Keller, TX

If you have been missing a tooth for some time now, your supporting bone probably has started to shrink. When a tooth is lost, it takes the root along with it. This loss leads to lack of stimulation to the supporting boon. As a result, bone resorption takes place. The success of dental implant surgery depends on how healthy the supporting bone is. When a patient’s supporting bone structure has resorbed, our dentist may recommend a bone grafting process before the start of dental implant surgery. This is a procedure which helps us rebuild the lost supporting bone.

In order to check the density of the supporting bone, our dentist may take X-rays during your first dental visit. After performing a thorough check of your oral health, we set a treatment plan that is suitable to your case. Restoring lost teeth using dental implants may take place in multiple phases. The first is where the dental implant surgery is performed.

Depending on the quality of patient’s supporting bone structure, our dentist decides if bone grafting process is required or not. After bone grafting surgery the bone is left to heal for few months. Local anesthesia is used to numb the surgical area during dental implant surgery. A flap is cut open in the gums and a series of drills are used to create a bony recess. The implant, which is pre-designed to requirement, is carefully torqued in the supporting bone. The gums are sutured after the placement of the implant and an implant cap covers implant head until the next phase. The restoration is left to heal.

The second phase involves taking impressions and fabrication of crowns/dentures/partials based on the requirement. Our dentist matches the color of the artificial restoration to suit natural teeth. The implant cap is removed and an abutment is cemented over the implant. The crown/denture can be fixed over the implant using dental cement or other holding mechanism. After the completion of restoration process, our team educates patients about dental implant care.


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Genuine Caring Ethic Was On Display 100% of The Time
Very glad to now be Acquainted with the Professional Dental Care staff we met on Wednesday. This Practice is the real deal. Mike T.
Retired NFL Player
Love Love this office , they do excellent work and make you feel so comfortable. Added bonus if you get a crown they make it in the office that day and you don't have to come back and miss a day off work just to get the crown on , bonus no temporaries to worry about. Angelique Ball
Don't mind coming here at all.......have been a client for many years. Sharon adds a lot of humor during the teeth cleaning procedure, and of course, I can never comment back with instruments in my mouth. This latest visit also allowed me to spend more time there "being crowned" easier procedure than in days gone by........ I was out with the permanent crown, rather than a temporary one, so no return visit at another date. Dr. Corley is personable, good at what he does, and very considerate of your comfort.. The entire staff is pleasant, and waiting time is "on time" as they allow that in their scheduling. Kudos!! Sandy Hixon
Sharon is the best! She always make the visit pleasant and fun. We laugh and actually enjoy my time. She also always knows exactly what has been my history and what needs to be done to keep my teeth healthy. Kathy Menger Corley
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