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Sedation Dentistry Keller Texas

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Many patients fear going in for any dental procedure; so those patients that suffer from severe dental pain may be difficult to treat. With the help of sedation dentistry treatment, the patient can relax during the dental work without feeling any pain.

Dental phobia is the main cause of skipping dental visits every year. Patients suffering from dental phobias are extremely nervous when they visit the dentist. Sedation dentistry is the viable option for those patients to restore their oral health. It is dedicated to easing the pain and anxiety-free by providing comfortable dental treatment.

What is sedation dentistry?

Sedation dentistry or sleep dentistry is a medical procedure used to relax the patient by providing an oral sedative drug during the treatment. The most common oral sedative drug is nitrous oxide. It is used as general anesthesia for oral surgeries, dental extractions, and root canal therapy.

The main advantage of this treatment is to create comfortable dental care without experiencing any pain. With proper safety and cooperation of the patient, oral sedation treatment maintains a level of consciousness which helps the dentist to restore the patient's dental health.

How does sedation dentistry treatment work?

The treatment begins with the type of sedative drugs chosen by the dentist. The dentist first understands the problem faced by patient and the medical history before beginning the process. Once identified, the dentist provides the prescribed drug with instructions to follow. Once the sedative drug becomes active, you may start feeling drowsy and relaxed.

Who requires sedation dental treatment?

Sedation dental treatment is chosen based on the following reasons:

  • Negative dental experience in the past
  • Fear of dental treatment
  • Nervousness
  • Complex dental work
  • To reduce the fear of a dental visit and being in pain
  • Patients suffering from any dental problems like a chipped tooth, cracked tooth, sensitivity, root canal treatment, etc, are the right candidates for sedation dental treatment.

To reduce your fear and anxiety, sedation treatment has been used for a long time to ease the pain and optimally restore the patient's oral health. The technique is very simple and can be used for any type of dental treatment which helps to reduce dental phobia.

If the patient is suffering from any health issues like diabetes, migraine headaches, respiratory problems, stroke, blood pressure issues are not eligible for sedation dental treatment. To find out more information about sedation dentistry in Keller, Texas, consult our dentist Dr. Rebecca Lauck by scheduling an appointment today.

1. What are the types of sedation dental treatment?

Some of the patients may feel stressful and nervous going to the dentist. In order to make patients comfortable, safe and relaxed the dentist recommends sedation treatment to reduce fear and anxiety in patients. There are different types of sedation treatment used, some of them are:

Mild - Most of the dentist uses nitrous oxide or laughing gas for mild sedation. The dentist puts a small mask that fits your nose, which makes the patients relaxed and anxiety-free during the time of dental treatment. After completion of the treatment, the patients will breathe as usual without worries.

Moderate - It is also known as conscious sedation. During dental treatment, the patient can communicate but you may feel drowsy and slur your words. For mild and moderation sedation, the dentist uses nitrous oxide or laughing gas depending upon anxiety of patients.

Some patients may asleep during the moderate sedation but wakes up easily after few minutes.

Deep sedation - It is not referred as conscious sedation treatment. Usually, during this treatment, the patients will be completely unconscious and take time to regain consciousness.

For more information of sedation dentistry treatment at Keller Texas, Consult our Dentist Dr. Rebecca Lauck by scheduling an appointment.

2. Is sedation dental treatment safe? Does it make people unconscious?

Yes, sedation treatment is completely safe for teen, adults and also for kids under the guidance of sedation dentistry. It has several benefits for patients that increase the level of comfort, relaxation, and cooperation with the dentist for optimal dental treatment.

For both mild and moderate sedation, the patients will be slightly conscious and may not remember everything during the treatment. In case of deep sedation, the patient goes completely unconscious to avoid anxiety and much pain but takes time to regain consciousness within 60 to 120 minutes.

3. For what types of treatments do sedation is required?

There are different types of treatment that may require sedation for selected patients, some of them are:

  • Patients with fear, anxiety, and stress.
  • It can be used for cosmetic dental treatment such as a cracked tooth, chipped tooth, teeth whitening, dental cleaning, and much more.
  • It can be used for tooth replacement such as bridges and dentures
  • It can be used in pediatric dental care to reduce the fear of a child.
  • If patients require root canal treatment, they can choose sedation to avoid the fear of pain and anxiety.

To know more about the treatment, Contact our dentist Dr. Rebecca Lauck by scheduling an appointment.

4. Why should I go for sedation dentistry treatment? Is it necessary for everyone?

Is not required for everyone, the patients who may feel uncomfortable, fear(dental phobia), and stress they can opt-in for sedation dental treatment. Depending upon the patient's anxiety level, the dentist recommends mild/moderate/deep sedation.

5. Does sedation treatment eliminate pain?

Actually it does not eliminate pain; instead it calms the nervous system and makes you relax. The dentist uses nitrous oxide or laughing gas to relax the patients and make them comfortable to start the dental process. After the treatment, they will be normal and active within few minutes.

In case of extreme fear and anxiety, the patients can choose deep sedation. In this treatment, you will be completely unaware and unconsciousness. So we recommend choose wisely and ask your queries before beginning the treatment.

If you are looking for sedation dentistry treatment at Keller Texas, Call us and schedule an appointment.


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